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Online Group Activity – Neck Exercises

Give your neck the relief it needs with these simple exercises that can be done at your desk.
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Foods That Beat Stress

There are many foods out there which are not only amazing for your body, but also have a highly desirable effect on your mind, brain functions as well as mood. Watch the webinar recording here.

Simple Eye Exercises

Watch this video for some simple exercises to combat your eye strain, feel better and refreshed.

Desktop Exercises For Working Professionals

Watch this webinar to learn some quick desktop exercises and stretches to keep your body relaxed throughout the day.

Yoga and Mindfulness in our Daily Lives

Watch the webinar recording here.

Mindfulness in Our Daily Lives

Did you know that we spend up to 50 percent of our time caught up in our thoughts, leading to a lot of stress and unhappiness. Learn how to use mindfulness to live the life in the present and not get caught up in needless thoughts with this webinar recording.

Secrets to Weight Loss Decoded

It’s likely that most of us will have tried to lose weight at some point. Fad diets, magic ingredients and restrictive menus may have left you disillusioned with losing weight in the past. Watch this webinar for some simple tips for weight loss.

Indoor Exercises For Healthy Mind And Healthy Body

Our state of mind influences our health, and our state of the body usually influences our state of mind. Hence, mental and physical health, both are essential for living a healthy and happy life.

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