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Online Group Activity: Visualization Exercises for Stress Relief

Put your headphones on, and be a part of this session to feel calmer, happier, and stress-free
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World Diabetes Day Special: Watch Your Diet

Watch this webinar recording and make changes to your lifestyle and diet to avoid any risk of diabetes

Online Group Activity: Simple Hand And Wrist Exercises for Pain Relief

Watch this recording and practice these techniques to get a relief from your hand and wrist pain
fitness mama

Webinar : Right Diet And Lifestyle Choices to Stay Fit

Watch the webinar recording here and make the right lifestyle choices to achieve fitness

Webinar : Quick Exercises to Recover From Post Work Fatigue

Watch the recording and practice these simple exercises to reduce your post work fatigue
headache latest

Online Group Activity : Head Massage For Stress Relief

Watch this session and practice these simple techniques to stay stress-free

Webinar Recording On World Heart Day: Know Your Heart

Watch this webinar to know more about your heart and on how to keep it healthy.

Simple Exercises to Lose Weight Around the Waist

Watch this webinar recording for simple exercises to lose belly fat.

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