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How I Disconnected from the Digital World to Regain Control of My Life

We could all do with a bit of digital downtime, if not for our productivity levels then our sense of mental well-being.
stress 2

What Happens When You’re under Stress

Complaints about stress are a norm in today’s demanding world. Be it students, professionals or even the unemployed; stress is now something of a pandemic.

Understanding Guided Imagery

This amazing technique allows you to focus and direct the imagination in ways that are productive, proactive and positive.
mindful walk

Mindful Walking to Destress

Finding time to meditate isn’t always possible. But, mindful walking gives the same benefits, such as reduced levels of stress and better physical and mental well being.

Play Is More than Just Fun

Playing is not only essential to the body . It is equally needed to the mind too. Play deprivation can result in dangerous mental side effects. Watch this video to correct and educate yourselves.
why do we sleep bruh

Why Do We Sleep?

Why do we sleep? what are the positive aspects of sleeping? to know it all and more. watch this video.
Feet Bed Dream Sleep Toes

One More Reason to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Do you know whether your body saves or expends energy while sleeping? To know this and more, watch this video .
eagle eye

10 Tips to Acquire the Eagle Nature Through Meditation

Meditation can do you so much good. Here you can see how it does help you acquire pin point focus or an eagle nature.

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