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working woman

Working Women and Work Life Balance

Here are a few ways that the working women can use to balance their work and life with ease and grace
positive af

5 Goals to Set up a Positive Day

Want to be cheerful, energetic, and happy throughout the day? Just try staying positive
thanks bro

Here’s How You Can Keep a Gratitude Journal

Make being grateful a part of your life and see a positive change in you
blog 2

Lifestyle Changes and Habits to Help Burn Belly Flab

Make these simple changes in your diet and lifestyle and burn the fat around your waist faster

Mind-full to Mindful, Featuring Mayurakshi Ghosh From Unisys

In this edition, we speak with Mayurakshi Ghosh From Unisys.
interview 3

Five for Five, Featuring Ashish Mohanty From Unisys

In this edition, we speak with Ashish Mohanty from Unisys.

Five for Five, Featuring Shankar Ramanan from Unisys

In this edition, we speak with Shankar Ramanan from Unisys.
monthly goals bruddah

Five for Five, Featuring Prabhat Swain From Mindtree

In this edition, we speak with Prabhat Swain From Mindtree.

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