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Five for Five, Featuring Umesh Baliram Shebe From Mindtree

In this edition, we speak with Umesh Baliram Shebe From Mindtree.

Five for Five, Featuring Chandra Sekhar Ramala from Happiest Minds

In this edition, we speak with Chandra Sekhar Ramala from Happiest Minds.

Five for Five, Featuring Shankar Ramanan From Unisys

In this edition, we speak with Shankar Ramanan From Unisys.
interview 2

Five for Five, Featuring Rajashekhar Ganeshan From BIW

In this edition, we speak with Rajashekhar Ganeshan From BIW.

An Interview With Deepkraj from BI WORLDWIDE, Winner of Hashtag Contest #NeverGiveUp

An interesting interview with a developer from BIW, and how has helped him in his lifestyle and in developing good habits.

Webinar Registration: Things You Must Do For Great Health In Your Later Years

Book a spot for the webinar here.

8 Easy Ways to Beat the Festive Calorie Load!

Always remember that the key to good health is taking control of what you eat because you are what you eat.

Everything We Can Learn from the Most Famous Entrepreneurs In the World

Does your business seem like it’s about to fail? Do bills pile up and customers don’t come no matter what you do? Instead of giving up, you can learn from the most famous entrepreneurs around the world

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