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celebration with family

5 Ways You Can Make This Festive Season Happier

The festive season is almost upon us, and with it a host of much needed holidays. But getting a holiday is not something that everyone can manage, and for many it can mean that they are not able to be with their families during this time. Festivals, as we all know, are family time and an occasion where the entire flock gathers to thank the gods above for the bounty they have been given. But there is no cap on the happiness you can share and garner on holidays, in fact there are ways that you can make this festive season happier for everyone around.

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How to add friends on

Isn't it just great to have friends come and join us in every single thing we do? Because "Best Friends" are the ones who just don't know it all, but have lived through "it all" with us!!

We Serve Health in Potpourris – Connect Your Fitness Apps With

What's better than having a taste of your own health from a variety of delicacies. We offer you exactly that! You know that has taken up the promise of helping a million people to form habits and have a better lifestyle.
Gift Independence

What Does It Mean to Gift Independence to Somebody?

We are doing it through educating a girl child for we think there's no better way to Independence than through education! Login to our platform, improve your health scores and add more points to your kitty, for every 100 points you earn you are contributing Rs. 1 to the cause.

Register/Activate Your Account

With the latest release of the Android app, you can register and activate your account in two simple steps. Download the Android app from Google Play Store here and follow these steps:

Step 1:

Tap on the Register button, enter your corporate email id in the given field, and tap on “Get Verification Code”. You will receive a six digit verification code in your inbox.

Step 2:

Enter the verification code you just received. Fill in your name and other details and tap on Done.

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9 Top Successful People's Health Lifestyle Choices

9 Top Successful People’s Healthy Lifestyle Choices

What is that one big secret of being successful? There may never be one, or even if there is, we may never know. However, we can learn from the habits and practices of successful people on what makes them to be more than the usual.

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