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Lifestyle Changes and Habits to Help Burn Belly Flab

Make these simple changes in your diet and lifestyle and burn the fat around your waist faster

5 Reasons You Should Brush Your Teeth Before Hitting the Bed

If you are often guilty of binging upon that midnight snack, you should also be guilty of forgetting to brush your teeth before you hit the bed. Your mouth is not a sterile environment and you must take care of your teeth to maintain a healthy mouth.”Taking care of your teeth and gums isn’t just about preventing cavities or bad breath,” the American Dental Association warns.”The mouth is a gateway into your body’s overall health.”

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Willpower + Focus = Better Lifestyle

In the early 1970s, Walter Mischel, a psychologist specializing in personality theory and social psychology, conducted series of studies on delayed gratification (the ability to resist the temptation for an immediate reward and wait for a later reward) called as the Stanford Marshmallow Experiment.

The experiment was conducted on a number of children who were brought into a room and were given marshmallows to each of them. The children were told that if they waited for 15 minutes, during which the observer left the room and then returned, they would be rewarded with twice the amount of marshmallows they currently had. All they had to do was to resist themselves from having the marshmallows for a better reward.

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To Quit Smoking – A Practical Approach

This article is relevant in the following if you:

  • Want to quit smoking
  • Have tried to quit smoking several times and haven’t succeeded
  • Want to help someone who is struggling to quit smoking

What cigarettes contain and how it’s controlling you?

Cigarette contains around 40 known cancer-causing compounds, including nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide. Nicotine is the highly addictive stimulant drug that makes you want to smoke again. When you puff on a cigarette, your brain gets a blast of nicotine within seconds; not even an injection could work that fast.

Cigarette carvings can kick in whenever your brain notices a shortfall of drug. Carvings can also start whenever you get a “cue” that it’s time to smoke. Smoking is both physically and mentally addictive.

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Importance of Starting Small

Yes, everybody wants to change their lifestyle, want to be better then yesterday, and starts to build new habit enthusiastically, but most of them certainly fail in their first week. They would not be able to keep up their commitment, and tend to lose track and get back to their old routine with in second week either consciously or unconsciously. What would be the reason for this failure at their start? Here it is…

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Why motivation alone will not get you there?

We here at are on a mission to help 100 Million people form great habits – not to just get 100 million or a billion users registered on our platform but to make a significant real world change in their lives by helping them form a habit. This is how we define our purpose and this is how we will make a difference.

It’s a worthy goal to achieve and part of it which make it so rewarding is its apparent unassailability.  It’s difficult, so we have been told many times but the team knows that at the end it will be all worth it. The goal challenges and obsesses us in many ways. For example we are constantly obsessed about understanding how habits are made, why people change behavior, what is the role of motivation and rewards, how to move people to action, how to reduce time to action etc. One of the interesting research that grabbed our attention right away and which we have been studying since then was The Tiny habits programs designed and run by Prof. BJ Fogg of Stanford University.

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Procrastinating Is Not Always Bad. Here’s Why

Sometime back I was thinking if I had to write articles or not. My thoughts were holding me back were:

What if I don’t present my idea in a pleasing manner? What if someone finds some mistake in it? What if someone makes something better than this? Then it struck to me… Well, there will be someone who has done these things earlier, why should I do some thing new? Why should I not follow that…? I might be happy with agreeing 90% with some one!! Then why should I write it? Well, let me think about it some other time… if I needed I will write. 

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Go Green – Include Fruits and Vegetables in Your Diet

When we decide to live a healthy life, we opt for daily gyms, drinking more water, eating less, and avoiding fried food, but often many of us tend to forget one small step towards healthy living.
How many times have we heard “eat your fruits and vegetables” during our childhood? But do we eat enough of them?

Including fruits and vegetables in our diets is a great way of staying healthy. There are several scientific evidences shows that including fruits and vegetables in out diet, reduces the risk of many diseases like heart problems, strokes and certain types of cancers. It is said that making lifestyle changes like having a green diet and exercise can prevent 30% of breast cancers. So ladies, you have one more reason to eat your fruits and veggies. All you have to do is include as many veggies as possible into your diet. Well, this is the easiest way of doing it.

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