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Category: Emotional Wellness

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Combating Addictive Behaviour with Urge Surfing

Here are the key steps for using urge surfing to help overcome your addictive behavior

Warning Signs That Point to Mental Exhaustion

Mind Matters!

How to Beat Depression – Video

Are you or your loved ones going through depression and are looking for solutions to beat it.

Watch this video by a very senior and renowned psychologist Dr Nirmala Almeida who gives you simple tips on how to better manage stress, anxiety and depression in case you or your loved ones are going through it. Also, understand what depression is, its causes and types of depression as stress and anxiety can impact one’s physical and emotional health too.

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How to Manage Stress at Work

Stressed at work? Check out these simple stress-busting ideas

4 Foods That Help Your Mind and Mood

Caffeine, sugar and alcohol are some food items that are often ingested when feeling low, these can more often than not result in worsening your mood further. While their pick-me-up effects are short-lived, they leave you feeling more lethargic and negative than before once the effects wear off.

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