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Healthy Recipes: Beetroot Tikki Chaat

Quick, easy, and healthy!

What Happens to Your Body When You Skip a Meal?

Never skip a meal!

Heart Healthy Items That You Can Cook at Home

Creating your own meals that are both healthy and delicious gives you both, the satisfaction of a filling and delicious meal as well as a therapeutic, unwinding routine post work.
almond mama

Cholesterol Lowering Foods

Keep your cholesterol level in check with these superfoods.

4 Ways Good Food Affects Your Mood

Know how what you eat affects how you think

How to Eat Healthy Despite a Hectic Schedule

Snack healthy every day with these simple tips

A Smart Workout Plan for the Working Professionals

It is never a bad day to start getting fit
food as fuck

Stay Healthy This Festive Season

Excessive eating during the festive season may lead to a lot of health complications. Here's how you can keep up your health and stay fit

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