Let’s not get started on how you need your beauty sleep, or how you have oh-so-little time before you head to work every day. Breakfast is crucial to your beauty, to your sleep as well as to your productivity at work, there, two excuses busted, boom! That’s not all, my rapier-of-reason has finally found a worthy cause. It will slice through not one, not two, but through as many lame breakfast bunking excuses humanity can come up with.

No one will deny themselves a plate of scrambled eggs, bacon and/or idli with a healthy helping of sambar and chutney, not on my watch! All ye of fickle sensibilities, all those who prefer to eat cereal for dinner and skip it for breakfast, you’ve been warned.

If the idea that breakfast boosts memory function is not enough, the fact that it soothes the overnight hunger-pangs should definitely have anyone sold. Anybody who has woken up with a growling stomach would understand the pure, undiluted love one feels for a steaming plate of poha. But then again, the mind makes excuses to dodge even the most wonderful of things. Enter, my rapier-of-reason. Let’s take them all one at a time!


I just can’t seem to wake up

Yes, yes you can. Like the time when you woke up at 6 to catch that flight to Goa, remember? The snooze button on your alarm is the devil’s work. Anybody who has ever given in to that temptation knows it.

We need at least seven to eight hours of sleep every night. But missing breakfast to sleep in is the most counterproductive idea in the history of bad ideas. Not only will you be lethargic through the day, because obviously you would be starving, it is essential to have an hour or two to yourself before you head to work.

So, the next time you want to sleep in, just make sure you have plans for breakfast sorted, because otherwise it is just a big fat excuse to skip what can only help you.

The work makes it impossible

Liar! Unless you are working 12 hour shifts at the factory, and even there meal times are fixed, you will definitely have time for breakfast. A hectic lifestyle is no excuse to let yourself go. If your work and life are indeed as hassled, skipping breakfast is only going to add to your list of woes.

Wake up a little earlier, sleep a little earlier, steal time through the day to make sure you have enough in the morning to get yourself some healthy breakfast. Studies have widely proven that children that have breakfast perform better at schools, the results for adults are not far behind.

It is all a matter of planning it right. Do not ever say that your work makes it impossible. Instead a better excuse would be that we make it impossible. In which case the corollary, that we can make it possible, also holds. Food for thought, or should we say breakfast?


Breakfast food is not delicious

If you seriously resort to this excuse you need to work on expanding your palate a little more. Have you never had a piping hot dosa fresh off the pan, or sat in eager anticipation as your server brought you a plate of eggs and toast? Breakfast food is as delicious as you can make it. Also, the most important part about having breakfast is eating something that is healthy and not necessarily just tasty. Finding the right balance will go a long way in helping you streamline your breakfast pattern.

If you are watching your weight, go for lean proteins, fruits and salads. If you are looking to bulk up, indulge in heavy proteins that will help you with your work-outs. It is all a question of finding the right mix, and breakfast will no longer need excuses.

What do you think?