The most important meal of the day, the king of all meals, the saviour of the fasting, the bearer of bacon, fruits and chocolate milk, all hail Breakfast! You may not be feeling too pumped about breakfast now but just you wait till you see the sheer glory of what a good breakfast does to you. It is a crying shame that this is the one meal that most of us choose to miss almost every day.

When the human body wakes up in the morning it is often running low on glucose. This often results in a lacklustre day, no one can work with a growling stomach. The first half usually goes in waiting for lunch, and once lunch is done it is spent in fighting off fits of food coma. A healthy, substantial breakfast early in the morning can help with both the scenarios.

Your breakfast should ideally contain 20 to 35% of your daily calorie requirement. Once again, it won’t do to have a doughnut for breakfast or a plate piled high with greasy bacon or pancakes slathered with syrup. While delicious, these are not exactly the ideal breakfast foods. Fruits, wholegrain products, oats, egg whites, dry fruits, there a ton of options for healthy and delicious breakfast recipes.

Here are a few ways breakfast boosts your energy levels through the day:

Improves brain function

Have you ever tried thinking up a brilliant idea on an empty stomach? Well, take from those that have tried, it hardly ever happens. Cognitive functions require glucose to function at their optimal levels. There are essential carbohydrates and proteins that are required for the brain to work at its best, all of which are available in breakfast. Eating breakfast can also improve memory functions and reduce cortisol levels, essentially making us smarter, happier and more energetic people! How perfect is that, eating a delicious and healthy breakfast is actually good for you, who’d have thought?

Stock up for the day’s burn

It is as simple as that, if there is a long day ahead of you it is wise to start it with a good breakfast. On waking up the body has consumed most of the sugar it had synthesized from the food consumed. Your body is essentially waiting for a refill at this point of time. Having a substantial breakfast full of fruits and other healthy items is crucial to one’s productivity. Not only can it help you gain a large part of your total food intake for the day, it also provides enough energy to help you put your best foot forward.

Curbs hunger pangs

One of the biggest drains of energy is hunger pangs. Most of the early afternoons are spent longing for lunch time to appear around the corner. Safeguard yourself from these pangs and treat yourself to some deliciousness in the morning. A healthy breakfast ensures that you have enough food in your system to keep you going at least till lunch. This also helps one check the amount of food one is eating during lunch and keeps you energetic for the rest of the day. Much unlike the food coma patients who can’t help but indulge at every lunch.

Get your caffeine fix

Right, while it is not something you can be doing seven or nine cups in a day, a steaming cup of coffee in the morning is hands down, a stellar start to the morning. It works as an effective antidepressant according to Psychology Today. According to certain researches it also boosts serotonin and dopamine levels, both crucial hormones for maintaining a stable mood and energy levels. It is, however, addictive, and while your morning cup of joe may not make you a caffeine junkie, when one becomes a two digit number is when you may have to be a tad careful.

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