Living life in the fast lane often comes with its own set of detriments. More often than not we are faced with little to no time for ourselves and our health. Working professionals do not usually have time to spend at the gym on a daily basis. In such cases, it is better to have a workout routine which does not need any special equipment and a bare minimum of your time.

Here are some workout techniques that anyone can indulge in, without any need for equipment:


There is a school of thought that says that planks are probably the most boring exercise out there. We strongly beg to differ. This isometric, core strengthening exercise is not only one of the most effective workouts, but also provides the least wear and tear on your body. It works on all the major muscle groups and gives you the additional incentive of having a stronger posture. Doing planks before beginning your day, during breaks from work, and after work can also help boost your metabolism even when you sleep. Progressively increase the intensity and frequency of this exercise for maximum benefits.


This is one of the most important exercises to exercise your lower body. Your hamstring, glutes, calves, and other leg muscles take most of your weight through the day. Strengthening them is a great way to increase balance. This exercise also helps your lower back and works on a large part of your core muscles as well. It improves coordination and flexibility while improving the range of motion for your hip flexors. Doing this exercise regularly can also help in reducing back pain and allows you to strengthen your weak side.


The most effective bodyweight workout out there, push-ups are especially important for those who spend most of their time in sedentary activities through the day. There are a number of variants of push-ups of varying intensities which can work on providing all your muscle groups different intensities of a workout. It works on your arms, abs, lower body and back muscles at the same time. The most important thing to remember is to not strain too hard too soon in case you have any back ailment. Try and keep your back straight through the exercise to allow yourself to gain maximum benefit. This exercise also helps increase muscle density and helps you stay fit as you age.


Often underestimated but always effective, squats are a brilliant exercise that will tone your core and lower body to a great extent. There are a variety of squats, with or without weights, which can have varied benefits for your body. Start with bodyweight shallow squats. These are intensive and will give you a thorough workout in the minimum possible time. Unlike running, where you burn fat while you are exercising, with squats you are burning fat even after you are done with the workout. It improves your blood circulation and helps build more muscle, which consequently helps you burn more fat.

These are just a few bodyweight exercises that you can do through the day at varying intervals. They hardly require any space or time and have long-term lasting benefits for your body and mind.

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