There are times when though you haven’t eaten much you feel bloated, and times when though you’ve eaten like a glutton you still don’t feel bloated. Such a degree of difference in the experience is experienced because of the food you are consuming. There are some foods that cause bloating and some don’t. So, before eating something you should be aware about the category they fall into: bloating or un-bloating.

To help you categorize, here is a list of few foods that cause bloating and which don’t.

Foods that cause bloating:


Legumes, soya beans, peas, et cetera are gas-causing foods. Though they are rich in proteins they contain fibers and sugars which our body can absorb, thus causing bloating.

2.Dairy products:


After consuming dairy products if you experience gassiness, it’s a clear sign of lactose intolerance,which means your body does not have enough enzymes to breakdown the lactose intake, thus bothering you with the gassy and bloating feeling.

3. Doctor’s fruit:


As the famous nutritional saying goes, “An apple a day will keep a doctor away”, apple surely lives up to this saying but it does not spare one’s body from feeling bloated. This is because fructose & sorbitol, sugars found in apple can’t be tolerated or digested by many people. So, all those whose stomach can’t accept these sugars will feel puffy.

A few other foods items that cause bloating are Salty foods, Broccoli, Kale, Cabbage,Carbonated Drinks, Wheat, Onions, Barley, Rye, Garlic and Beer.

Foods that don’t cause bloating:



People usually use cucumbers for their eyes: to keep them cool and reduce the puffiness around their eyes. Well, one can do the same thing for their stomach as well. The flavonoid anti-oxidant present in cucumber helps to reduce the puffy tummy.


bananas-soluble fiber

Constipation is also one of the reasons why people experience bloating. Fruits like bananas,oranges, kiwis help reduce the salt-induced bloating. Bananas are rich in soluble fibers which help preventing constipation.



Apart from its anti-inflammatory properties, papaya consists of enzymes which help in breaking down the proteins in the GI system making digestion easy; reducing the bloating around your waist.

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