Just like that, the cool winter months have made an exit that was too early for all of our liking, and have left us sweltering at the threshold of summer. The heat is on, the temperatures are already touching some serious highs and we are scrambling for ways to keep ourselves cool during these dreaded summer months.

The worst part about summer is that it makes having a good meal an arduous task. Eat too much and you will be floundering around too hot and bloated to move, eat too little and you will find yourself reaching for junk every now and then. There are, however, easy ways and recipes to ensure that you are not only full but also healthy through these summer months. Eating heavy or spicy food is especially a problem during summer as it can take longer to digest and may also lead to acid reflux.

Here are a few dishes and items you can try to make sure you are full and sated without being overly bloated before going to bed:

Sol Kadi

This is one of the most famous Konkani summer drinks that are healthy, cooling and a perfect drink on top of your dinner. Made from kokum and coconut milk it is spectacularly delicious while also being a natural coolant for your system. If you find that you have had a little too much of that spicy chutney you love at dinner, have a glass of Sol Kadi to cool down your stomach. It is a widely used antidote for acidity and has a lovely pink tinge to it.

Coconut Water

Simple, easy to get, and absolutely perfect to top off a big meal. Not only is this a great way to stay hydrated, it has a number of minerals that are great for your body. Its nutritional values are only second to its delicious taste, which with a slight twist of lemon gets even better. Make sure that you eat the tender coconut flesh inside it which makes for a delicious dessert. Moreover, it has a number of vitamins and minerals that will keep you healthy through the summer and protect you from a number of serious summer ailments.

Melon Salad

Let’s face it, after mangoes the best thing about summers are the melons that come with it. Try your hand at making a delicious melon salad with muskmelon, watermelon and other fruits. The more you can add to it the better. Not only will the fruits make sure that you feel full but they will also provide you with the water you need to stay hydrated. Try and get some grapes in it to give it a bit of a tang. Garnish with some salt and pepper and you have the perfect dinner on your plate.


This is a summer staple for most Indian families. Not only is it light, it can be made according to your taste. Make sure that you go light on the spices during this season and try and get as many fresh vegetables as you can in it to give it a healthier punch. This dish is easy to digest thanks to the rice and the heavy helping of turmeric and vegetables will make sure that you are getting some serious nutrients while at it.

Summer months are not the months to have a heavy dinner. Try and make sure that you are keeping your meals light and fruit heavy to avoid acid reflux or indigestion. Summer is a month of some amazing fruits, go heavy on those and make sure you have a summer of healthiness.

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