A common refrain for mothers everywhere, “why don’t you go out and play in the sun?” With the advent of the internet and video games less and less children and adults take the time out to play outdoors. Indulging in a sport is a great activity to not only boost your mood but also keep you fit. Outdoor sports are a habit that usually are inculcated in childhood. It is so important that the American Association of Pediatrics advises that outdoor play is crucial to the health of children. There has been a marked wane in the amount of time children spend in playing these days.

However, it does not matter if you are a grown-up or a child, finding time to play outdoors will only hold you in good stead. Playing outdoors helps wonderfully to help adults relax after ‘one of those days’ at work, and acts as a great mood booster. Working out might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but playing a sport does not take too much will-power, relatively speaking. Sports allows you to find time for yourself and to socialize. It is not only a great workout for the body but also for the mind. Finding the right sport is the key. Some may love golf, some may enjoy a high energy sport like football, find what suits you and play it!

Here are a few ways how playing outdoors can help you:

Stress reliever


We live in a world where stress is almost a daily factor. Finding a balance might seem difficult. Playing a sport allows you to forget about work and focus entirely on the moment. The endorphins released by the physical exercise as well as the high of winning a game can work amazingly to elevate your mood. These endorphins are natural mood enhancers and helps one feel better about oneself as well as alleviate pain.


Boosts creativity

For all those in high stress jobs that entails them to be creative more often than not, sports may be your perfect outlet. Creativity requires one to focus and be able to look for new ways to solve old problems, something which is crucial for sports as well. Regularly playing outdoor sports allows you to grow your analytical faculties and come up with creative solutions in shorter spans of time. It gives more fodder to your imagination and allows you to adapt faster.

Helps create connections

One of the most important benefits of playing outdoors is the amount of interaction you get with like-minded people. Playing a sport usually involves two or more people, even then it works really well to help forge some really strong friendships. Playing a sport with your friends is a highly therapeutic activity. It can be something you look forward to after a long day at work, or even after a really slow day at home, outdoor sports will definitely lift your spirits and forge strong connections. Sports are a great way to build social skills in kids and to provide them essential learning in teamwork.

Feel more energetic

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Playing a sport every other day does wonders for your body. Not only does it help tone your muscles, it also helps you increase stamina and strength. It is however, crucial to supplement your sporting activities with regular workouts so as to get better at it. But even a simple round of golf twice a week can be a great boost for your body and metabolism. In the immortal words of Bernard Shaw, we grow old because we stop playing. Playing a sport works amazingly for those trapped in sedentary jobs and helps them feel more energetic through their day.

Playing an outdoor sport is an amazing way to refresh yourself and add more vitality to your life. Play a sport as often as you can!

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