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An Interview with Narendra Sirra from Unisys

This interview features Narendra Sirra from Unisys

Webinar : World Mental Health Day – Taking Care of your Emotional Wellbeing

Register for the webinar here

In Conversation with Mohammad Hussain from Swiggy

I am really happy that I am a part of Swiggy and in the organization, they care about employees and their health – Mohammed Hussein from Swiggy

1.  What are the top 3 habits that you follow?

My top habits are :  Going to the gym daily, drinking more water,  waking up early and eating food on time.

2.  How do you ensure that you follow your habits regularly? Any advice for our readers?

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Warning Signs That Point to Mental Exhaustion

Mind Matters!

In Conversation with Koyel Biswas from Mphasis

This interview features Koel Biswas from Mphasis

A Conversation with Ishan Chawla from GSK

This interview features Ishan Chawla from GSK

An Interview with Parvesh Kumar from CRISIL

This interview features Parvesh Kumar from CRISIL

Webinar Registration : World Heart Day special: Taking Care of your Heart

Register for the webinar here

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