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Eating Right: 10 Ways to Include More Vegetables in Your Food

Stock your vegetables on the top shelf or in the front part of your refrigerator so that they don’t get hidden at the bottom or the back. This way, you’re constantly reminded of your daily vegetable-resolution.
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What It Is like to Run Marathons: Ask Uma, a Modern Professional Marathoner

Meet Uma Maheshwari, Associate Director – Biz Talent and Organization Development at Mindtree. Read through her journey on how she moved on from an 'aspiring' marathon runner to a modern professional marathoner. Catch up as she narrates her experience about preparing for marathons and about the joy of pursuing big dreams and making them happen!

How You Can Beat the Snooze Button: A Battle Plan

The Snooze Button is a crafty foe. It tempts and cajoles; it misdirects and tricks. If we want to rescue our day, we must get past this trickster as soon as possible.

Why Cardio Is worth More than Just Calories

Here are four reasons why cardio is worth more than just the calories you expend while doing it. Our goal is to not only clear cardio’s name but also prove to you that it can be one of the most effective weapons in your quiver in the fight for a healthy body and a happy mind.

Week 1 Stories: Couch to 5k Challenge

The Couch to 5k challenge opened up to a lot of excitement in Apollo Munich with people taking up wellness challenges, daring their friends to do the same, tracking their step count for each day and just getting better. All this, done with a common motive: celebrating health and fitness!

Welcome to the Couch to 5k Challenge

Fitness isn't just an activity. It's a way of life. By taking up this Couch to 5k challenge, you will be able to transform yourself from being a couch potato to someone of higher fitness, endurance and stamina both physically and mentally.

Meet the Guy Who Builds Pre Amplifiers and Car Grills

Meet this multitalented associate from Unisys, who has extremely diversified hobbies. He goes on long drives, treks and also builds his own Pre-Amplifiers. He does not just stop with that, he also goes on to build his car’s grill in mesh as a DIY effort.
Meet Srini

Srinivas Kalburgi on Reliving His Hobbies

Meet Srinivas Kalburgi , a Unisys associate from Bangalore, and a huge save-our-planet patron. While he is enjoying his favourite Bisibelebath and Carrot halwa, we stop by for a quick conversation with him, to know more about him and his life with while he is 'Reliving his hobbies' .

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