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Author: snehanjan shome


The Summer I Love – Guide to Having the Best Summer Yet

Maintain a stable temperature. The one thing you need to do is to keep yourself hydrated. There is nothing worse than a bad case of dehydration. Even if you are not thirsty much, dehydration can creep into your system without you even noticing the visible changes in you.

Sugar: the Socially Accepted Poison That Might Be Killing You Softly

C’mon, we all know it and yet we choose to ignore it. I am a 28-year-old man with a huge sugar addiction. The rest of this post is basically my struggle with quitting sugar. I don’t say you should quit sugar completely, but one must know the adverse effects it has on the health of a modern day city dweller.

My First recollection of a sugar candy came in form of a reward. My father held my hand and walked me to a Sunday evening market, and since I had walked along with him behaving well all along without creating any fuss, the candy was his token of appreciation. I remember savoring every lick of the lozenge and how the sugar gave me a rush. I was hooked. I walked with him almost every school night and he would buy me one candy eachsugar_anttime I accompanied him. It was no secret I liked sugar. As a fat kid, people kept pouring all the candies in the world as if to enjoy the sight of me obliterate the sugary rewards in a matter of seconds.

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Multithon – Running Free


The Multithon  presents a unique set  of challenges you need to overcome to finish the exciting course.

Coming soon to Mindtree is a fun multi-activity run, the five course run will test your mental, emotional and physical abilities. the winners who complete the challenge in the shortest given time and complete the tasks along the course to win shall be rewarded with exciting gifts. look forward to more information about this in days to come.

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