Among billions of us, there are a rare few who possess an indomitable spirit, refusing to step down. They are the ones who welcome obstacles for the thrill of crushing them with their undefeatable vision to reach to the top. They are anything but afraid to throw themselves out there, beating the odds, sweating it day in day out to achieve what they must, and what they will.

They are the go getters, the high achievers.

What makes a Go Getter?


  • Drive and determination to work harder to constantly compete with oneself in order to reach their fitness goals.
  • Willpower to foresee hurdles and rip through them
  • Demonstrated capability to inspire fellow fitness chasers by setting examples themselves

  • Pride oneself in being the key influencer for their peers

Responsibilities of a Go Getter:


  • Participation in the monthly contests and competitions for the Go Getters.
  • Continued engagement in the Campaigns
  • Above all, to continue doing what they love the most

Benefits to a Go Getter:


  • The opportunity to network with like minded, goal-driven people
  • A platform to showcase their achievements and share their expertise on the fitness idea they’re passionate about
  • Eligibility to participate in secret contests and competitions designed exclusively for the high achievers
  • Surprise gifts and rewards for the go-getters.


Do you have what it takes to be a Go Getter? If yes, tell us why. And we will nominate you to be a member.

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