1. Tell us a little about yourself, your habits, and health goals. 


I am a bookworm, I love staying indoors and hanging out with my friends; My health goals is pretty simple – “be healthy and happy”


2. What in your opinion is the healthiest habit you possess? Do you wish to inculcate more healthy habits?


I do not compromise with my sleep, I will have minimum 5-6 hours of a sleep and kind of have a fixed bedtime. I wish to include regular exercise in my daily routines, pretty haphazard currently.


3. Tell us about your experience with Zoojoo.be so far?


Zoojoo.be has been great, it actually motivates to maintain my habits and the social platform provides you with ideas for new habits to pick up from and there are wonderful posts available that help in maintaining those habits. 


4. How has Sapient helped you commit to your health goals by bringing in platforms like Zoojoo.be?


Zoojoobe is a very motivating platform and to use this you do not need to change your routine specifically. It just blends right in with your daily activities.


What do you think?