In this interview, we are glad to feature Viji Amritha from Happiest minds.

  1. Tell our listeners some details about your fun/quirky/unique side.

    I inculcated habits like drinking water, running and sleeping on time, which keep me on path for my busy work schedule. I feel that is pretty unique.

  2. Who would you say, is your greatest role model in life?

    My greatest role model in life is my mother,  Mrs.Meena Kala.


  3. If you could send one piece of advice to your teenage self, what would it be?

    I’d imagine telling myself: Viji, you should have worked on your diet and should have gotten fitter.

    4. In our quest for professional success, how important do you think, is to take care of health and wellness?

    Wellness plays a major part. Without a good mind & a good heart, it is difficult to give your 100 % to your profession.


    5. What is the one thing that can lift your mood up anytime?

    Short walks & Songs always lift my mood up.


    6. What do you love to do on your free time?

     I always love short rides, with short walks in my free time.


    7. If cost wasn’t a factor, which place on earth would you be willing to visit right now?

    I would definitely be willing to visit Paris, if cost was not the factor.

    8. What is that one food item that you can never say no to?

    Pizza is one food item that I can never say no to.


    9. How long have you been using for and how has it had an impact on your life?

    I have been using Zoojoobe since January 2017 & the impact on me is great: I have an increase in physical activities, water consumption & have even tried reducing junk food.


What do you think?