Five for Five. Five questions, five minutes. Say hello to these inspirational individuals as they give us a quick view of their awesome life.

Today, we are glad to feature  Umesh Baliram Shebe From Mindtree.

1. Tell us something fun and unique about yourself. 

I am a UX architect and an Artist. So, whenever I travel I look for art galleries to visit in a city. Also I love travelling and painting.

2. What is your health goal?

I should be fit till I die.

3. On a scale of 1-10, how well would you rate your habits?


4. Who is your greatest inspiration in life, and why?

My father, he is 73 and very healthy due to Yoga and right diet.

5. How is helping you with your health goals?

I  need to take help from this application to align my health and fitness goals, earlier i did start and then somehow due to travel I missed keeping up.

What do you think?