1. Tell us something fun and interesting about yourself.


I like music, movies and having interesting conversations on mythology.


2. What in your opinion is the idea of a healthy mind and body? What are the habits that you pursue to ensure a good mind-body balance?


A healthy mind will generate constructive thoughts and innovative works. A good and healthy body will have more confidence. I meditate daily and read inspirational books for my mind-body balance. 


3. What is your take on work-life balance? How do you find the balance?


Work-life balance is the challenge these days. However, I take small breaks regularly and go out with my family too. I do household chores and play with my kid. This gives me relaxation and helps to maintain the balance. 


4. How do you rate your experience with Zoojoobe so far?


10 out of 10

5. How is Zoojoobe helping you with your health and wellness goals? What can we do better?


The articles and online activities are very good and this is very much required. Introduce more topics of work-life, stress relief etc. And some music attachments would be helpful. The platform can be more dynamic.


What do you think?