A small glimpse into the life of a fit, always active, and very ambitious Srinivasa Muralidhar.

I would like to share some of my knowledge regarding fitness category with LiveWell.

  1. About myself: My name is Srinivasa Hangalore Muralidhar. I am working as an Associate software engineer in Accenture for the past 10 months. I spend most of my time in the office and the rest at the gymnasium training for athleticsAchievements: Well, I really can’t say much about my achievements in fitness and health. But I have been actively going to the gym for the past 4 years and have been training newcomers as a trainee at an official Gym. I have also participated in many State and district level competitions for table tennis and ball badminton. I also have an immense knowledge that I have gathered through sources of many books that I have read in my career.

    Health goals: I have been setting up a goal for every year which surprisingly comes through as expected. I used to be a thin guy before I started my fitness career and since then I have gained more than a considerable amount of muscle mass. I have also been doing a lot of trekking of late so that I do not lose my flexibility by gaining more muscle mass.
    In terms of my goal for the current year, I am planning to climb HAMPTA and ROOPKUND pass trek

    How is my habit is helping me: It helps me to get up every day. The biggest motivation that I have found in my life after a long time. Of course, everybody wants to look good when they see themselves in front of a mirror.  Beyond that, my motivation has always been towards getting in better shape. The reminders that I have been getting from your team through LiveWell has helped me a lot to focus my attention apart from the corporate life that we are entitled to.

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