1. Tell us something fun and interesting about yourself.


I am a wanderer. Love exploring new places. I also am a frequent trekker. I always take life in a positive way.



2. What is your take on work-life balance? How do you find the balance? (Hobbies/ Mindfulness practices etc). Anything that works for you and why?


Balance in life is very important. One should give equal weight to both work and personal life. Both are equally important for us to live a happy and prosperous life. Whenever I am at home, I make sure that I spend quality time with my family members. I start my day by going on a morning walk with my mom for around 1 hour. This also increases my metabolism and keeps me fit. Also, my mom becomes happy as otherwise, I would not be able to give her time the whole day.



3. What are your health goals? How has Zoojoobe helped you with your health and wellness goals so far?


My health goal is to remain fit and active. Through zoojoobe, I have found new ways to keep myself fit even while I am at work.



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