1.Tell us something fun and interesting about yourself.


I am very lazy and  I make my husband angry very often.  He says the devil has come on you! Also, i love my job and my social life. 



2. What is your take on work-life balance? How do you find the balance? (Hobbies/ Mindfulness practices etc). Anything that works for you and why?


I am married and I have an 11 years old daughter and my mother is a stroke patient. So, to manage work and life balance is very difficult especially when one is working on a night shift . Taking a deep breath between tasks is good to relax my mind. 



3. What are your health goals? How has Zoojoobe helped you with your health and wellness goals so far?


My health goal is to reduce my weight, as i have thyroid issues and i have to reduce my sleep to keep my health good. Zoojoobe has helped me in a few ways to take up healthy challenges. For ex:  drinking water, going for walk, reducing tea/ coffee and eating more fruits etc.. 

What do you think?