1.Tell us something fun and interesting about yourself. What is your wellness goal for 2019?


I love to spend my time walking. It keeps me fit and agile without losing a lot of fat. 



2. What in your opinion is the idea of healthy mind and body? What are the habits that you pursue to ensure a good mind-body balance?


This is a very vital slogan – ” Only if you have a very healthy body, then you can have control over your mind”



4. What is your take on work-life balance? How do you find the balance?


I haven’t tried anything specific so far. Ideally life can be balanced by separating both work and life and not mixing one with the other. 



5. How do you rate your experience with Zoojoobe so far?


10 out of 10


6. How is Zoojoobe helping you with your health and wellness goals? What can we do better?


I have improved my water intake with the help of Zoojoobe. I Would also like to include more items into the list that can help me stay in shape and achieve my wellness goals. Thank you zoojoobe!


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