1.Tell us something fun and interesting about yourself.

I’m a travel freak, I like to run and I lift weights regularly. 


 2. What in your opinion is the idea of a healthy mind and body? What are the habits that you pursue to ensure a good mind-body balance?

My idea of an ideal mind and body is to have a control food, staying positive and drinking more water every day. 


3. How often do you take power breaks at work? Has the Deskercise challenge helped you beat a sedentary lifestyle?

I take breaks about 4 times in a day.


4. What is your wellness goal for the year 2019? How is Zoojoobe helping you with that?

My wellness goals for this year is to reduce weight. I always love to see the number (Points) growing, this is my motivation for me to learn new habits


5. How do you rate your experience with Zoojoobe so far?

out of 10


What do you think?