A sneak peek into the life of a fit, healthy and cheerful Jaimin Desai from CRISIL

1Tell us a few interesting things about yourself.  

I always used to consider myself healthy, but all those misconceptions came to a screeching halt after a random blood test found myself having cholesterol, sugar, and a high BMI. That was the time I decided to take an active plunge into fitness. I joined a gym, changed my dietary habits, and consciously started following a healthy lifestyle. The results have been very  encouraging and I pledge to continue these good habits going forward.

2. What in your opinion is the healthiest habit you possess?

Having dinner early and having a gap of at least 3-4 hours between dinner and going to bed is my healthiest habit.

3. What is your take on work-life balance? How do you find the balance?

The most necessary thing for a corporate professional is the right work-life balance. Meditation/exercising in the morning, followed by taking mini-breaks of 5 minutes every hour keeps me charged up.

4. What are your health goals?

Having been rid of my cholesterol and sugar numbers, I plan to stay fitter as I reach the late 30’s of my life.

5. How is Zoojoobe helping you with your health and wellness goals? What can we do better?

Zoojoobe provides me with timely alerts for continuing my healthy habits, while I am engrossed in my work.

What do you think?