1. Tell us about yourself.

I am a 29 year old passionate oracle developer working in BI Worldwide  for the past 2 years. Having done my B.Tech Information Technology , i am also interested in aeromodelling.

I’m an adventurous person by nature and would like to travel around the world exploring places.

  1. What is your health goal for this year?

Maintaining an ideal BMI is my predominant goal and I’ve decided to quit smoking.

  1. What is that one hobby that you really enjoy doing?

Always like to spend my free time by playing cricket.

  1. If you had a soundtrack to your life what song would you exactly play?

“Gonna Fly Now”, also known as “Theme from Rocky” and “Thamizha thamizha” from movie Roja.

  1. If we asked you to motivate one person to be healthier/fitter what exactly would you tell him/her?

Willpower is the core for everything so if you pursue a goal whatever happens never ever give up until you achieve it.

  1. What is that one healthy habit that Zoojoo.be is helping you form?

Drinking water is one of the best habit as the H20 forms a major part of the human body and zoojobe “habit reminders” nudge me to get refueled at all times.

  1. How has Zoojoo.be impacted your lifestyle?

It has impacted greatly as I’ve become more conscious about my health and fitness. I can observe a drastic change in my diet and water intake level.


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