1. Tell us something fun and interesting about yourself.


I was fitness oriented and was mostly involved in my gym workouts, but since when I started running am loving it more than the gym. I completed 4 half marathons and one full marathon since last year



2. What is your take on work-life balance? How do you find the balance? (Hobbies/ Mindfulness practices etc). Anything that works for you and why?


Work-Life balance is very much important and is a must-have in this hectic and sedentary work environment. My timings are really helping me to maintain that. I have been getting enough time to do my gym workouts and running.



3. What are your health goals? How has Zoojoobe helped you with your health and wellness goals so far?


I have started a healthy lifestyle and zoojoo.be has been a great platform to get it started and kept it going on it for me. I have started running last year and recently finished Full Marathon, something to be proud of on this healthy journey. My health goal is to remain in endurance sports such as long distance running thorough ultra marathons.


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