1. Tell us a few interesting things about yourself.

 Hardworking, dedicated, relaxed are the things that describe me the best.

  1. What are the three habits in your life that you are proud of?

Time management, Ignoring the past and planning are the 3 habits that I’m proud of.

  1. What is your favorite hobby? And how has it effectively helped you find a good mind-body balance?

    Walking, Yoga, spending time with family and reading technical articles are my favorite hobbies.

  2. How are our video sessions and webinars helping you? We would love to know the positive impact those have created in your life.

    Its motivating. I strongly agree that we should have a better life instead of running behind luxury and doing unnecessary things, wasting time.

    5. How has Zoojoobe helped you? How can we help you make your experience with Zoojoobe better?

It’s great and is a positive step to improve our lifestyle.

What do you think?