We are glad to interview Akhila Shringeri, the winner of the first hashtag contest of 2018,  #Revolution2018.

1. Tell us one interesting thing about yourself.

I’m Simple, witty, and always energetic.

2. What are your health and fitness plans for 2018?

Regular yoga, eating more greens, and meditation have always been a part of my health and fitness plans.

3. Do you think mental health is as important as physical health? Why?

Mental health is equally important as physical health because any imbalance in either of these may affect general health and happiness in one’s life.

4. What is the one healthy habit that you can recommend to your friends and colleagues?

To stick to organic, healthy foods as much as possible is the one habit that I wish to recommend anyone.

5. How is zoojoobe helping you with your health and wellness goals? What can we do better?

There are so many things that I like about the portal. The best is the mental wellness section.

It would be great if we have more and more wellness videos which have helped me a lot.

What do you think?