In this interview, we have a healthy and an enthusiastic Syed Amir Ali from Unisys talk about his habits and how has helped him maintain a healthy lifestyle.

1. Tell us little about yourself, your habits, and health goals?

I am a person with very bad food habits. I really don’t know how people control their craving for junk food.
My food habits and my desk job have made me from being fit to be fat. And it has become a serious problem for me. I’ll be honest when I say I did not lose more than 1Kg since I started with the the past 7-8months) but I did not let it increase too. So now I literally control my Wait(Proudly). And as far as the Health goal is concerned, am not in the race for 6-8 packs abs, but I do want a body which is less on the bulky side (that’s my goal).

2. What in your opinion is the healthiest habit you possess? Do you wish to inculcate more healthy habits?

I drink a lot of water(About 8-9 litres), and I think this is my healthiest habit. And no, I don’t want to include more habits as my work life doesn’t allow me. But I do want to be punctual with whatever am following.

3. Tell us about your experience with so far? helps me a lot. I could not have followed all the habits that am currently practising, without I know for sure that I may not be very consistent but thanks to, I am able to keep track of my habits. And, unless I see any real benefit for me, I would not commit to anything. So, to be honest, it’s because of’ s Amazon vouchers (huge thanks for that) am still sticking with my healthy habits and also am motivated to do better.

4. How has Unisys helped you commit to your health goals by bringing in platforms like

I would say if it wasn’t for Unisys, I would not even have known about So yes, big thanks to Unisys for bringing in a platform like That helped us achieve our health goals with a fair bit of competition(to get the Amazon voucher)

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