In this interview, we are glad to feature an active, healthy and fit Sheetal Niranjan from Tesco.

  1. What is your one healthy habit that you can recommend to others?

Walking or Jogging regularly is one habit that I can suggest anyone.  It is also good to drink an adequate amount of water as it rejuvenates and energizes the body.


  1. Do you feel being healthy is as important as being happy? Why?

Yes, I do. Being healthy helps one gain a positive outlook on life and staying positive increases the probability of being happy.


  1. What is your favorite stress buster?

15 minutes of fun conversation with Friends or Family and playing Foosball [Table Soccer/Football] are my favorite stress busters.


  1. What are your health and fitness goals for the next 6 months?

To reduce weight & increase my stamina and to continue eating healthier food are my health and fitness goals for the next 6 months.


  1. How is helping you in your daily life?

I have been using Zoojoobe for about 9 months now and it has helped me form habits which support better health. The articles on Mindfulness meditation sessions have been very useful. Overall, it has helped me improve my Mental and Physical health.


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