In this interview, we are glad to feature a smiling, healthy individual Rajeev Kumar Gaddale from HP.

  1. What is your one healthy habit that you can recommend to others?

  Walking and drinking more water every day is something I suggest others to do regularly.


  1. Do you feel being healthy is as important as being happy? Why?

  Yes, being happy and being healthy go hand in hand. If we are healthy, we can keep the environment around us happy and cheerful.


  1. What is your favorite stress buster?

  To chat with teammates, friends and family, and to spend a healthy time with them acts as my best stress buster.


  1. What are your health and fitness goals for the next 6 months?

   My health and fitness goals for the next 6 months are to walk more and smile more.


  1. How is helping you in your daily life?

  Zoojoobe reminds me to drink more water every day and helps me form other new, healthy habits.

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