In this interview, we are glad to feature Rahul Ramesh Bhat from HP, an enthusiastic individual with a passion to stay fit, cheerful and healthy.

  1. What is your one healthy habit that you can recommend to others?

A healthy habit that I recommend others is to have a nutritious intake of food and restrict junk food as much as possible.

2. Do you feel being healthy is as important as being happy? Why?

   I feel that if you follow a healthy routine, you feel good from inside. This definitely shows on the outside, leading to your overall well-being.

3. What is your favorite stress buster?

My favorite stress buster is hitting the gym with my favorite music playing in the background. Also, I enjoy cooking at times.

4. What are your health and fitness goals for the next 6 months?

  My fitness goals for the next 6 months would be to get adequate sleep, work out regularly, eat right and try limiting my intake of carbs.

5. How is helping you in your daily life?

This portal keeps me updated with everything that is related to health, fitness, and lifestyle.

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