In this interview, we are glad to feature Preema Jayachandran from Tesco.

  1. What is your one healthy habit that you can recommend to others?

    A habit of mine that can be recommended to others is to drink more water every day.

  2. Do you feel being healthy is as important as being happy? Why?

    Yes – being healthy means being happy.

  3. What is your favorite stress buster?

    Meditation is my favorite stress buster.

  4. What are your health and fitness goals for the next 6 months?

    My fitness and health goals for the next 6 months are to reduce weight and be strong, fit.

  5. How is helping you in your daily life?

    I have kept a reminder for myself on behaviors on the zoojoobe app. The blogs are quite helpful and informative. These things help to keep me updated on the best habits you can take up, Foods that you can include in your diet to keep it healthy and so on.

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