The older you get the harder it is to fall asleep. As you age, sleep becomes a rare luxury. Doctors say anxiety is the most common reason that keeps adults up at night. Although it’s hard to sleep for some adults. It isn’t impossible. In fact indulging in a few stress-busting exercises will help you doze off into a sweet slumber.

Let’s check out a list of exercises that will relax your mind and help you sleep like a baby.


Studies show that those who practice Yoga for 8 weeks are more likely to fall asleep faster and get a good night’s sleep. Yoga poses make you stretch your body thus relaxing it in the process. The breathing exercises calm your mind and release your body of all the anxiety and tensions that have accumulated throughout the day.


A 10-minute run, swim, jog or cycle will definitely help you fall asleep. 10 minutes is a bare minimum as you consistently keep exercising you need to push it to at least an hour. Cardio increases your heart rate and your body temperature. As this cools down post-exercise your body starts to relax. This helps you sleep better.

Strength Building Exercises

Strength Training has been an amazing cure for insomnia. Hitting the gym once a day is a superb way to make sure you snooze well. Exercises like shoulder press, bicep curls, triceps dips, leg curls, help build your strength and also raise your body temperature and heart rate. Once your body begins to cool down, sleep starts to set in. Please make sure you do this an hour before bedtime.

Quick Fix

Time is a luxury very few can afford and if you are one of those people who are extremely busy with and can hardly take out long hours of exercising then this is for you. Quick fixes like situps, crunches, leg raises, lunges are a great way to relieve your body and the tightness. If you are just starting off make sure you start with a set of 20 and gradually increase the count. Don’t just start with 50 or 100, this will make you sore and kill your will to go for it next time.

Breathing Exercises

The whole idea of exercising so that you get good sleep is so that you can relax your mind. If you relax your mind your body will automatically release all the tension and help you drift off into a sweet slumber. To benefit from this breathing exercise make sure your spine is straight. You can lie down or sit up in which ever position that you feel comfortable in. Now take a slow, deep breath that starts at the bottom of your diaphragm and start filling your stomach with air now slowly release this breath. You will instantly feel your body relax as you release the breath. Breathing exercises help push a good amount of oxygen inside your body. This helps you relax your body and put yourself to sleep.


Stretching your hips and back is extremely important. You can also do a couple of butterflies stretches an hour before bed. This releases the tension of your day and helps your doze off faster.

The main cause of sleepless nights is a tensed mind. All the above exercises aid the relaxation of the mind. Once your mind is at peace your body will automatically calm down. So if sleep is a guest that hardly visits you then these are the exercises you are looking for. Make sure you do them at least an hour before bed and make it a regular habit.

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