Indians have known the magical properties of turmeric since ages.Imagine any Indian curry without using turmeric? If your grandma used a pinch of this in her cooking every day, it was for a good reason. This bright yellow aromatic powder obtained from the roots of the plant of a Ginger family has a distinctly earthly, slightly bitter,hot peppery flavour and a mustardy smell. Many traditions and ayurveda consider turmeric as a holy powder, owing to it’s medicinal properties.

Amazing benefits of turmeric

Curcumin, an antioxidant, is a potent active ingredient present in turmeric, which gives it it’s yellow-orange colour with a lot of health benefits.


It prevents conditions such as asthama, allergies,rheumatoid, autoimmune disease and heart disease without the side effect of drug. Even studies show that osteoarthritis patients who consumed 200 mg of curcumin a day to their treatment plan experienced lesser pain and increased mobility.

Anti cancer:

Turmeric prevents, slows and kills the growth of various types of cancer, particularly tumors of the oesophagus, mouth,intestine, stomach, breast and skin. It helps the body to destroy mutated cancer cells to prevent them from spreading across the other parts of the body.

Immune system booster:

A change in seasons might leave you catching for those over the counter medicines. But taking too many medicines can actually make your immune system respond less towards them and weaken the natural ability to heal. But this superhero turmeric fights bacterial and viral infections and cleanses your blood through improved digestion. Known to be 5 to 8 times stronger than Vitamins C and E, when taken along with black pepper,the body absorption is increased greatly.

Alzheimer’s prevention:

Turmeric removes the amyloyd plague build up in the brain which improves the overall brain health, preventing or slowing down the progression of Alzheimer’s.

Skin food:

Turmeric cleanses and provides nourishment to the skin,helping maintain it’s elasticity and radiance. It helps in slowing down the growth of facial hair, a problem faced by most of the women. It also helps treating dandruff and dry scalp itching. It has an amazing capability to lighten the stretch marks formed as a result of changes in the body.

Helps in weight loss:

Liver is the organ responsible for burning of fat in your body. When liver gets damaged, the process of detoxification slows down. Turmeric helps in detoxification of the liver and protect the cells from damage caused due to pollutants in the environment or free radicals. It even reduces cholesterol levels and benefit weight loss by reducing adipose tissue weight gain.

How can you use it?

1. Spice it: Beyond just curries, turmeric powder can be added to any food or drink to add spice and colour. Just a pinch will do.But cooking the spice for a long time may make it lose its medicinal value!

2. Pickle it: The root could be used directly to derive maximum benefit by making it into a pickle.

3. Apply it: As a paste or salve to skin wounds, bites,inflammation.

What should you look at while you buy it?

  • If possible, buy in it’s raw form or root form to make a powder at home. This will ensure it’s purity.
  • If bought as a spice or powder, ensure it contains only 100% certified organic ingredients, with at least 95% curcuminoids.
  • Avoid filters/additives as “other ingredients”.
  •  If bought as capsule, avoid gelatine based capsules and opt for vegetable based instead.

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