There is an impetus among people today to get healthy and stay healthy. There is, however, a serious problem among professionals when it comes to working out regularly. The question of not being able to find enough time to devote to exercise remains rampant. There is still hope though. There are great varieties of exercise regimens out there which can give the body great results in a minimal amount of time.

Here is a workout regimen that will take barely any time, is high intensity, and does not require any fancy equipment while giving you the results you desire.

Here is how you can divide your week:

Monday – Upper Body

Tuesday – Core

Wednesday – Lower Body

Thursday – Upper Body

Friday – Core

Saturday – Lower Body

Sunday – Relax

Upper Body

A combination of pushups, dips, towel exercises and burpees, over and above the warm-up can work brilliantly in helping tone your upper body. To start off with, give yourselves 30-seconds each of jumping jacks and on-the-spot jogging. While jogging, make sure you raise your legs to waist height. You can try a number of pushup varieties depending upon your strength level. Try and do as many pushups as you can in 30 seconds and take a 10-second break. Repeat

Towel exercises are a great way to strengthen your shoulders. Keep your towel strained between your two hands at shoulder width. Assume a minor squat position, keep your shoulders squared and bring the towel down from above your head to shoulder height while keeping the tension up. There are a number of towel exercises out there which are great for your shoulders, make sure you do as many reps as you can in 30 seconds while maintaining your form.

Lower Body

Setting a good schedule for your lower body exercises is crucial overall fitness. Hip thrusts, lunges, planks are just a few of the exercises that you should focus on for your lower body. For hip thrusts, keep your shoulders on one bench and legs on another while your body is suspended in the middle. Thrust above with your hips while keeping your shoulders and feet on the bench. This exercise can also be performed while lying flat on the ground. Lunges are simple, the important thing to note is that your feet should be in line with each other and the balance should be maintained. Planks also require you to maintain a good form your hips and shoulders should be in line. The focus is on making sure that your lower body is thoroughly worked out. You can alternate lunges with squats and mountain climbers as well.


The core is a crucial area of your body and comprises of more muscle groups than the lower or the upper body. There are a number of core strengthening exercises that you can do. Planks, however, are the most effective of the lot. Stair climb is a great exercise to work out your lower back, core and lower body. Burpees are also a great way to strengthen your core while getting a fair amount of cardio. Lifted leg crunches, regular crunches, and even scissors (cycling while on your back) are a great way to exercise your core muscles and give your abs a thorough workout.

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