Do you find yourself getting antsy if you haven’t checked your email in a while? Do you compulsively keep checking your phone for messages? Are you in the habit of switching on the TV even when you might not be watching it? If you answered yes to all of these questions you are the perfect candidate for a tech detox. We live in an age where smartphone addiction is a real thing. More and more people are being diagnosed with technology-related ailments from depression to eye-strain.
Taking a complete break from technology may sound more difficult than it actually is. Here are some tips which can help you break the cycle of being addicted to technology and lead a fuller life as a result:

Plan Your Break

This is not something that will just happen to you. It needs to be planned and worked around with great care. Technology is insidious in today’s world. We are surrounded by screens and tech-related options. In such a scenario it is very easy to fall back into old patterns and revert to the use of technology, but then that is the case with every addiction isn’t it? Make a plan on how you will spend your time and what you can use to replace your tech addictions. Stick to this plan without compromises and you will find yourself a changed human being on the other side.

Taper it Off

It is definitely going to be difficult to completely give up all technology use in one go. Much like any other addiction, you can work through this better if you taper off the use of technology slowly. Try and spend a day without technology first, see what that does for you. Go on to three days, maybe even a week. Through this process, you will not only realise the many changes that it brings to your body and mind but also tell you what you need to do when you are not staring at a screen.

Reward Yourself

No change can occur without a proper incentive waiting for you at the end of the hard work you put in. With a tech detox, it will be very tempting to give in after just a couple of days, to check your messages or even email. Hang strong. Give yourself small incentives to help you through the process, not technology related, of course, but something that you enjoy. Maybe you can reward yourself with an extra scoop of ice-cream or even a big box of cookies. Reward yourself by buying a new book or a new shirt. These little things will inspire you to move beyond technology in a positive manner.

Involve Others

Having other people witness your detox can only work to encourage you to stick to it. Try and ensure that all your friends and family know what you are planning. This will not only give you an incentive to stick to the detox but also ensure that they remind you of your promise to yourself if you are slipping. Make yourself an example for others to ensure that they also understand that a tech detox is not only possible but also necessary.


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