As soon as summer arrives, so do your insecurities about being seen in a sleeveless t- shirt or shorts, let alone going shirtless! And at that moment, you may think of a certain “tea” you could drink to lose pounds overnight, or an ad for a gym membership with an instant magic fat -burning equipment. Everything ranging from appetite reducing powders to body wraps may look especially attractive to you, while you look at yourself in the mirror, wondering why your favourite summer dress doesn’t fit any more.
Every latest fad in fitness and health- whether a dubious workout or supplements or the electric belt with the 6 pack promise is hopelessly flawed and needs to be ignored as they can get in your way of real effort.

What you are looking at is just the end result. Not the process, not what it does to your body or side effects and definitely not how it helps your long term objectives. Being healthy and staying fit doesn’t have to be a short term goal (have a beach body throughout the year!). All it takes is discipline in the kitchen. Discipline from the neck up. And what’s shocking is that most people believe that they are young and can metabolise anything like the Flash, if they ran like him on the treadmill.

You Work Hard At The Gym, But Not The Kitchen

2500 calories is what a person burns, in four hours of nipple rubbing,toenail-losing torture while running a marathon! ALL that sweat and blood you invest in while running, can be undone by ONE pepperoni pizza, which clocks in at 2570 kcals, in, let’s be honest, half an hour.

It doesn’t matter if you spent one hour working out with your favourite exercise DVD or if you spend an hour doing butterflies at the pool. You can’t eat whatever you want and still get results if you’re fuel with junk food, or even the wrong type of nutrition.

Solution: Eat slow release carbs before you hit a workout, to give you enough energy to work hard, then a high protein snack like tuna or chicken breast after, it will provide fuel to rebuild torn muscle and kill hunger pangs.

You Need To Be A Lean, Mean, GREEN Machine

Not eating enough greens had caused you to believe that you’re not working hard, or something is wrong with your body or perhaps with the workout itself.
To see your body changing requires diligence not only by sweating but also through nutrition. Results will come to those who are persistent and consistent at the gym AND at the kitchen.
Solution: You need to focus on spending more on healthy green vegetables and fruits. This is great for showing off your abs.

You Drink Water Before An Exercise, Not As Much After

Drinking water 20 minutes into your workout is important for re-fuelling the body as we lose a lot of water by sweating. Drinking water throughout the day is not only important for weight loss, it also prepares the body for the next day. Having a glass of hot water before you go to bed and after you wake up improves bowel movement. The fewer toxins in your body, the more healthy you look and feel.

The Fault In The Salt

Although salt is vital for the human body, we have grown up eating way too much. Chips, French Fries, Nuggets, Processed Cheese, Hot Dogs, etc.(our childhood favourites),almost any frozen food has an excess of sodium to keep it from expiring and up until we saw ourselves becoming fat, we never paid much attention to salt intake.
Even many store bought sauces or dips contain a large amount of salt. Chip n Dip = Bloat n Float.
Salt is great for flavour and is also great for giving you that bloated stomach. Do you notice that in the morning, your stomach looks thinner than it did before you went to sleep? You may think that it’s a result of just digestion, but it’s also how your body looks like once it breaks down the salt you’ve consumed.

Solution: Salt causes water retention and causes bloating, so pay attention to the amount of salt you intake.

You Expect a Quick Fix

The biggest culprit that kills progress is expecting too much, too soon. Punchy expectations mean you’re doomed to disappointment. Exercise starts with flexing your willpower, and if you’re not seeing the progress you want, it becomes easier to exchange an evening you assigned for your workout programme for a night out at the pub.

With false hope hanging over your head, it becomes harder to continue. Every failure makes it tougher to get back on the horse.

Solution: Set achievable goals. “Build a better body by summer” is nebulous and impossible to stick to. Instead, try to lose 4 kgs in a month. Now that’s trackable and provides an impetus to keep going once you lose that 4 kgs.

So your best physique is in a handful of small steps that begin from the neck up. Use good judgment while looking for a quick fix; train the brain to believe in real goals. Drink water before and after your workout and don’t let it lead to bloating by consuming a lot of salt.

Stay fresh with the best of the vegetables and fruits of the season and be amazed at how fitness from the neck up, has changed your body and your mind.

What do you think?