What happens in Month 8 of Pregnancy?

Now your baby continues to gain weight and length. The weight and the length depends on individual fetus’s ability to grow. So, it widely varies. Since your baby is getting bigger, she might lack room to move, so your little one might kick quite often. Some women experience ten kicks/hour. By this time, all senses are completely developed. Your baby practices breathing motions in preparation for birth. Your baby will start moving to make it to head-down position. This position will allow more blood to flow into her/his brain for further development. The brain is forming trillion of connections, making it possible for your baby to learn in your womb. If your baby is born at this time, her/his immune system will be low, so extra care need to keep him/her from infection.

During this month, you are more likely to experience tiredness and discomfort due to rapidly expanding and sudden changes in the physiology of your body. Varicose veins may become more prominent at this time. Stretch marks may become visible on the tummy.

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