What happens in Month 7 of Pregnancy?

Congratulations! You have successfully reached your third trimester. You will feel your baby is continuously moving because he/she started floating in the amniotic fluid.  Now your baby can open and close the eyes. Moreover, the eyes can shed tears. Your baby can also smell and taste food. So, always to remember to eat healthy and tasty food to develop the taste buds of your little one. Now your little one have learned sucking and swallowing skills. Now mainly your baby is focusing on completing the development all the organs and make some layers of fat on them. The adrenal gland of your little one makes a chemical similar to estrogen called estriol by the placenta. This estriol will stimulate the production of prolactin that makes you produce milk. Even if you deliver early, still you will be able to produce milk. Your baby becomes very independent, he/she does not require your assistance in breathing and in controlling body temperature. So, if you deliver early, it is less likely your baby needs breathing assistance.

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