What happens in Month 6 of Pregnancy?

At the end of six months, your baby looks like a miniature of a newborn. Now your baby might weigh three-quarters of a pound and is approximately 10 ½ inches long. The top half of your uterus expands, and it pushes all the organs to the upper abdomen to make a room for your baby to grow comfortably. The eyelids separate, and the eyes are starting to open. Ears are completely developed, so your baby will be sensitive to the sound. It is advisable to avoid loud music or experiencing louder noise. Further development of hearing system takes place when your baby hears sound. Soothing music will not only help to grow and also relaxes your baby. Your baby fingernails will be completely grown. All the organs are functionally active and works systematically. Blood is traveling through the umbilical cord at four miles an hour, fueling the baby’s growth with oxygen and nutrients. Testicles, groin/ ovaries, uterus, are completely developed. Your baby develops waking/sleeping pattern. Real hair begins to grow. Your unique baby hand and footprints starts to develop. As your tummy grows, sleeping will be uncomfortable. Avoid sleeping on your back, as your baby has to struggle with your backbone and it also slows down the blood supply to your baby.

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