What happens in Month 5 of Pregnancy?

Congratulations! You made it half-way. This might be the right time to determine the sex of your baby. The male and female sexual organs start identically as a small nub between the fetus legs. Two small bumps one on either side of the nub. If your baby is a boy, this two small nub fuse together and becomes a penis.  If your baby is a girl, then the nub becomes a clitoris. Inside her tiny ovaries, all the eggs in her entire life are already forming.

Your baby is now covered with a downy layer of lanugo (first hair formed on the body of the fetus), which swirls in fingerprint-like formation over your baby whole body. In the skin, there is a waxy coating called “vernix caseosa,” it protects your baby skin from the amniotic fluid and the infection. This coat also protects your baby during dramatic squeeze during the delivery.  Brown fat, a special type of fat that plays a role in the body heat generation, is being deposited. Your baby’s  retina is light-sensitive, so if you expose yourself to direct sunlight, your baby might detect the light glowing. 

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