What happens in Month 3 of Pregnancy?

From each passing day, your baby is taking a small step to become a human. Now your tiny baby, called as embryo is taking a monumental transition into fetus. Cells gradually transformed from the developing phase (embryo) to the growing and maturing phase (fetus). Many changes take place at this time. The embryonic tail formed at the beginning of the first month will disappear. 100,000 new brain cells are created every minute to form the complex organ, BRAIN and it grows enormously. Your baby’s arms grow, neck, bones, toe begin to develop, and your baby’s eyelids begin to close to protect his or her developing eyes. The eyelids are fused and won’t open until week 27.  The inner working of the ear begin to develop. By this time the placenta is completely developed and start playing a more critical role in the development of your baby. The vital organs such as liver, kidney, intestine and lungs are completely developed and functionable. Fingers and toes are fully separated. Your baby might be about 2 ½ inches (60 mm) long and weigh about ½ ounces (14 gm.). Now your baby’s face will look more human.

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