What happens in Month 2 of Pregnancy?

Now your embryo grows exceptionally faster and received a glorious life force, which makes them to create beating cells. These beating cells turn out to be your baby’s life organ, HEART. Their pace is quick and unstoppable. Day to day these amazing beating cells are unmistakable. Soon after the heart starts developing, the liver begins to form. From the brain to the spinal cord, face to the hands, arms to the legs,they start growing rapidly.  The organs are signaled strictly by the genes to take the necessary shapes and functions. Each system develops at the right time as per the nature’s order. End of eight weeks might be very special to you because now your baby’s eyes are visible. Since your body is going through major changes, you will experience a variety of symptoms, including nausea, vomiting, fatigue, breast tenderness, and frequent urination. These are common pregnancy symptoms (morning sickness); every woman will go through during pregnancy. An increase in progesterone and estrogen hormones causes morning sickness. In fact, it is a good sign during pregnancy, because it indicates that the hormones are increasing for the nourishment and the protection of the baby. These symptoms will fade away at the end of the first trimester. Eating nutritious food, taking prescribed Vitamin supplements will help to cope with the morning sickness.

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