Just two cells and a miracle make a human being. In nine months, the pair of cells divides into millions of cells. These masses of cells blossom into a tiny human being and are well protected in the mother’s womb. Mother and child together share life energy, nurture, and strong bonding with the outside world.

The greatest adventure called Pregnancy:

The pregnancy period divided into three trimesters. First trimester (0-13 weeks), Second trimester (14- 26 weeks), and Third trimester (27-40 weeks).

Month 1:

Pregnancy begins when 200- 400 million sperm cells reaches your uterus. Each sperm cells are programmed to seek out the egg and fertilize them. The strongest sperm cells will participate in the nine-mile marathon to reach the Fallopian tube to fuse with the egg.  It is a risky process. Most sperm cells fail because of lack of vital force or reach the wrong Fallopian tube to reach the egg. Even though many sperm cells reach the egg, only one cell can enter the egg. Once the sperm cell enters the egg, the egg shuts down, so that no other cell can enter. The egg is one of the biggest cell in the human body. The nucleus of egg and sperm join a day later and form an embryo. They contain all the genetic information to grow as a complete human being.

By the end of the fourth week, you might experience the symptoms for pregnancy.  Even though there are no noticeable changes from outside, a lot of changes happening within your body. Your embryo does not resemble a human, but the connection between you and the child has already happened. The embryo sends signal to your body to provide nourishment. Your body recognizes the signal and start providing nutrients for your baby. This tiny embryo is pushed from the fallopian tube to the uterus and divide rapidly to 32 cells. Now your baby is a tiny ball called as a blastocyst, made up of several hundred of cells and rapidly multiply. One type of cells will develop as your baby, the other type of cells will develop into the supporting organ called the “placenta.” The placenta will act as a bridge between you and your baby to nourish and protect them from harm. A tiny embryonic tail is formed. Your embryo which was fragile few weeks back is now secure in your womb.

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