If you haven’t heard of it, 10,000 steps is the daily number of steps recommended by the Surgeon General, USA as a sign of healthy physical activity. Regular physical activity reduces stress levels. For most people, it amounts to around 30 minutes of walking every day. Pedometers or fitness trackers could be great tracking devices! Here are some cool, easy ways to meet this target:

1. Say No to elevators , say Yes to stairs

 This is one of the best ways not only to cover the required amount of steps but also to regulate your cardiovascular system. If not every time, then at least once a day, ditch the elevator!

2. Ditch TV Remotes

 Yes! As crazy as it may sound, getting up to change the TV channel is a nice way of covering some steps given that here instead of doing a lot of walking at once, you do it in intervals. Didn’t we tell you it is going to be easy? *wink*

2. Park farther than required

 At the mall, or at other public places, park your car at spots from where you’ll have walk up a few more paces up to the place than you’d have to from the normal parking slot.

If you are using public transport for travelling to then you’ve already got this covered.

3. Window shop

 Yes, the time just passes by, doesn’t it, when you are shuttling from one store to another at a mall checking out your favorite things from different brands? Isn’t it a good way to get some walking done without fussing or obsessing too much over it?

We all love checking out stores and their new collection and wondering ‘why on earth it is so costly’, don’t we? *laughter*

4. Read or listen to music while walking

Thanks to increased targets, that book has been lying on your shelf untouched for months. How about reading it or listening to a bookmarked album as part of your morning-walk in the park?And if you have motion sickness, you can always resort to audio books. They help you with the pronunciations’ as well. *sticking tongue out*

5. Plan a daily walk routine with a friend or a relative

 Yes, walking can be terribly boring or daunting to do alone! Walking alone can actually discourage you to walk altogether unless you have monk’s focusing power.

So, ask your friends out for a walk and walk along with them and open the doors to the pleasing world of blabbering!

6. Do some of your own house cleaning

 Yes, we leave all that to the people we pay to handle the stuff. But sometimes, it’s a good idea to clean up your own room yourself. Remember, no one can clean your room the way you do. Why? Because it is yours! Of course, you can never beat your mom, though there are exceptions.

Coming to the statistics, cleaning requires a lot of to and fro movement between rooms and that’s great for our purpose!

7. How about a walking meeting?

 What if we ditch the same-old cabin or boardroom and put the company lawns to more use than mere decoration? This is applicable for small meetings between 2-4 people, but surely effective!

By meetings, we mean “brainstorming sessions.”

8. Walking races

 This is what you do when you get friend zoned by your ‘walking friend.’

You may not always get a friend to share your walk-time but you could always challenge random acquaintances to walk-races. Daily dose of fun as well as brisk walking!

9. Try backward walking

 Last but not the easiest, if normal walks bore you out, you could take 5-10 minutes out of the regular schedule and use them for doing backward walks at your home instead. That’s a nice way to add variety to your walks as well as keeping your B.P. in check!

It’s always fun doing something that’s not regular, isn’t it?


What do you think?