Diwali is a festival of lights and sweets. You cannot stay away from the illumining lights, nor can you not indulge in the alluring foods. Staying away from them is almost heart-breaking hence dodging them becomes a challenge and what ultimately entails is a few inches bulge… So here it is… 8 ways to stay healthy during Diwali

1. Practice portion control

– Always remember that the key to good health is taking control of what you eat because you are what you eat. If you know you have a dinner coming up, opt for a light lunch and vice-versa. You can ditch the carbs and opt for an egg, a bowl of sprouts, curd, roasted / grilled chicken or fish fillet clubbing it with a bowl of salad, enough to keep you full so that you do not starve and over-indulge.







2. Small pre-meals 

Another aspect of portion control is small frequent meals so that you are not starving at any point It would be better if you indulge in a small pre-meal especially before stepping out for lunch or dinner, so that you may not tend to over-eat. You can opt for something like a sandwich, salad, fruit, salad, nuts, milkshake or soup.







3. Do not skip breakfast

– Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Skipping your breakfast may lead to binge eating because breakfast helps you sustain your energy for the day. Have a fiber and protein rich breakfast to ensure that you are high on energy to keep your activities going.





4. Stay hydrated

– Thirst is often misunderstood for hunger. Drinking water at regular intervals will keep you hydrated and will help you stay away from unnecessary binging. Also, do not substitute water with aerated drinks or other beverages. Water is irreplaceable.





5. It’s OK to say ‘no’

Festivities are often accompanied by persuasive eating. Learn to say no especially when you have already gone for the first helping. Also, if you have already eaten your share of snacks and sweets, then do shy away from a forceful indulgence.        






6. Do not forget to exercise

Fitness is an important part of life and one should never compromise on health for anything. Begin the day with a walk in the park or by doing few asanas or just stick to your basic cardio routine. In this way, you can burn the extra caloric load off at the right time and not carry the extra weight around.  







7. Control on drinks

– Opting for lime water, buttermilk, plain lassi, fresh fruit juices instead of having coffee and tea, fizzy drinks and alcoholic drinks is a better choice. But if you drink occasionally, then the wine is a healthier option. Also, while drinking alcohol, avoid aerated drinks as they are high on sugar. Instead opt for tonic water or plain soda to dilute your drinks. Also keep sipping water at regular intervals.




8.  Healthy alternates 

  • Make snacks and sweets at home as you can have control over sugar and fats.
  • Add more nuts while making sweets.
  • Use jaggery, dates or honey to make sweet preparations instead of table sugar
  • Do not add colors and additives to enhance flavor and color. Go natural.
  • Bake snacks instead of deep frying.
  • Do not forget to keep your salad bowl on the dining table during meals.
  • Snack on fruits as well.
  • Encourage healthy gifting options like a dry fruit box, sugar-free sweets or baked snacks.




Go ahead and enjoy your day.


What do you think?